Hip hop just died this mornin'
Hip hop dead? Say it ain't so
Hip Hop is dead
Hip-Hop is not dead
Hip Hop is dead, like Nas said
Hip Hop is dead? Nah, I don't think so
Hip Hop is Dead Nas was right
Hip-Hop ain't dead
hip hop was dying, I had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation
Hip-Hop's not dead, it was on vacation
Hip hop is lying on the side of the road, half dead to itself
Hip-Hop ain't dead, it just took a couple shots
Hip hop is dead in a state of dismay
Hip hop is alive
hip-hop is finished
Hip-Hop is alive and well
Hip hop is dyin' it's all Darth Vader
Hip-Hop ain't dead
Hip Hop is dead, you responsible for killin' it (you)
Hip hop dead? Then I'm here to resurrect it
Hip-Hop's in a dead state
Hip-Hop couldn't die, I never offer my condolence
Hip-Hop Hop is dead
Hip-hop aint dead, the industry's just wack
Hip-hop's deader than Vince Lombardi
Hip hop's not dead, it's really the mind of the emcee
Hip hop is facing self destruction
Hip-hop is living, can't yank the plug
Hip-hop is a dead language like Latin
Hip-Hop ain't dead cuz the pulse is in us
Hip-hop just died
Hip-hop never died, it's just sick of the drama

Hip Hop is Dead I know what you mean /
I seen Hip-Hop die about five times already /
But yet, we still rock steady

Is hip hop dead? Rappers must know this, right? In september 2011, I wrote a small program that downloaded all 47222 rap lyrics from ohhla.com, searched for all occurences of "hip-hop is" and "dead"/"alive" or similar and ... it's a tie, i guess. (place the cursor over the line to see the Author / Title of the song)

Je hip hop naozaj mŕtvy? Raperi to predsa musia vedieť. Napisal som malý program, čo v septembri 2011 stiahol všetkých 47222 rapových textov z archívu ohhla.com, vyhľadal frázy "hip-hop je" a "živý"/"mŕtvy" alebo podobne a ... myslím, že to je remíza. (podrž kurzor nad riadkom a zobrazí sa Autor a Názov )